Sakeena Gift Packs

Assalaamu alaykum, Dear Sister in Islam MCA are delighted to give you Sakeena, a gift pack prepared with the greatest affection and care. A way of letting you know that, Sister You are not alone, we the ummah are right besides you, to help and assist in your journey. Yes together, you and we have made a lot of mistakes but, this is not the end of the road, our destination road ends in Jannah, inshaAllah. In evergreen gardens, peace and merriment in the noble company of our Beloved Rasool. In the meantime we hope 'Sakeenah' grants you comfort, is your companion from now onwards and goes a little way in strengthening your Imaan. The sakeenah packs include; 16 felt tips adult therapy colouring book word search book puzzle/crossword book Sudoku book A6 Inspirational hadith quote card Quran/Salah CD 150gram vegan sweet tub (halal) Hijab small pocket dua book with transliteration Bilingual Quran (Arabic & English) Thick Musallaa Learning About Islam - booklet Gift of Youth - booklet 40 hadith - booklet Cautiousness in the matter of halal and haram - booklet Dealing with the coronavirus - booklet 40 salat & salam - booklet How to achieve racial equality - booklet A simple solution to our current problems - leaflet The Perfect Example - leaflet dua card Beyond Bars - Islamic Magazine Take care, be strong, trust in Allah and pray for the ummah of Muhammad(PBUH) Feel free to write to us at MCA and let us know how we can support you whilst in prison and most importantly when you are back in the community. Request for duas - Love, salaams n peace from all at MCA. - The Arabic word 'Sakeenah' means: God-inspired peace of mind, Tranquillity, Calm & Quiet. Sakeenah is the Spirit of Tranquillity, or Peace of Reassurance. It is a derivative of the original word "Sakeena" which is mentioned in the Qur'an as having descended upon the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the believers as they made an unarmed pilgrimage to Mecca, and were faced with an opposing force of the Quraysh, with whom the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) struck the Peace Treaty of Hudaybiyah. "He it is Who sent down the sakina into the hearts of the believers that they might add faith unto their faith" (48:4). In another verse Allah says, Allah sent down Sakeena (His tranquillity) to His Messenger and to the Believers, and made them stick close to the command of self-restraint; and well were they entitled to it and worthy of it. And Allah has full knowledge of all things" (48:26) Created 16-06-2021