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Paid members receive the following rights and privileges

  • Invited to attend any Regional Imam's meeting organised by MCA RA's.
  • Regular support from your RA
  • Attend MCA training sessions / workshops during our quarterly meetings
  • Access the MCA peer-support network and make contacts with other Imams, locally and nationally
  • Request free MCA Quran CDs, (if your prison are not willing to pay for it)
  • Free meal during our AGM
  • Receive regular important emails and circulars
  • Receive Muslim Chaplain vacancies updates
  • Advice and support on Union matters
  • Receive direct support from MCA appointed McKenzie friends in case of suspension/investigation
  • Attend relevant Workshops during MCA quarterly meetings
  • Eligible to stand for executive positions within MCA
  • Eligible to nominate for executive positions
  • Eligible to vote for executive members or any other matter that requires voting
  • Can provide feedback to amend the MCA constitution
  • Receive MCA free gifts/memorabilia (when available)
  • Allowed to use any Hardware (Laptop/projector etc) owned by MCA for business use
  • Able to take benefit from organisation that MCA are paid members of, like NCVO, CCA, Clinks, GRANTnet, JustGiving, Guide Star etc
  • Access MCA/Muslim Charities Partnership support for community Chaplaincy and MCA mentoring scheme
  • Receive Ramadhan gift packs for Muslim prisoners (when available)
  • Receive the Annual diaries arranged through MCA
  • Receive Qurans/Musallaa periodically, arranged through MCA, when available

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