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Community Chaplaincy:

Whilst offenders are inside prison they have numerous avenues of support available to them, with chaplaincy being one of them. Chaplains of all faiths provide pastoral and spiritual support in various forms to prisoners in their care. Unfortunately, when ex-offenders leave prison, this support isn't as readily available as it was inside the prison. The MCA endeavour to sign-post prisoners towards existing community chaplaincies in areas where they are already available, with the help of the Community Chaplaincy Association (CCA), whom they are an associate member of. In many areas there are no community chaplaincies, so the MCA through their wide network of chaplains have been able to link up ex-offenders with mentors who have offered support upon release.

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We also

  • Organise a network of pastoral support for Imams & staff

  • Prepare, produce and recommend teaching materials

  • Provide mentoring and job shadowing for Muslim Chaplains

  • Engage with communities for resettlement and help to reduce the risk of re-offending.

  • Raise funds in order to pursue the activities of MCA.
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