Assalaamu ‘alaykum Dear brothers & sisters PLEASE NOTE We at MCA are grateful to Ummah Welfare Trust who have sponsored our 2021 Islamic diary once again. This diary contains the sacred words of the Quran and Hadith. Please do not discard in the bin. You may pass it to the Imam to shred for you in accordance with Islamic guidelines. We pray it becomes your companion in helping you plan a useful, informative and fruitful year, aameen. A year in which you become closer to the Deen, aameen. Alhamdu lillah MCA was set up in 2003. Many Muslim chaplains that work in custodial settings; Public sector prisons, Private Prisons, Immigration and Removal Centres & Secure Training Centres are members of MCA. We have established national partnerships with many charities for your benefit. With their financial and moral support we have distributed; 1000s of Qurans in Arabic, English and many other languages. Books of Hadith, Salaah, Dua, etc. Prayer mats, hats, scarves, miswaks, tasbeeh, itr, alarm clocks, etc. and Gift Packs/dates during Ramadhan and Eid. Recently, MCA embarked on the Prisoner CD project and have thus far, distributed over 6500 Quran & Salaah CDs free of charge. Please speak to your Muslim Chaplain if you need any religious material or support in the community when you leave. Lastly, write to us at MCA if you would like to receive a free Quran CD whilst you are in custody. Kindly send us a letter telling us of your journey and what else we can do to support you whilst you are in custody and to prepare you for release, or even suggestions for our next year's diary! MCA Executive Committee, MCA Regional Assistants (RA) and all our members