About us

MCA is an abbreviation of Muslim Chaplains' Association, the aims of this organisation is:

  • To support Muslim Chaplains.

  • To work towards the resettlement of prisoners and prevention of re-offending upon release.

  • To engage with the Muslim and wider Communities

Muslims in Prisons
Muslim Chaplains have been leading worship and providing pastoral care in prisons on a voluntary/sessional basis since the seventies. The prison population in the UK has increased significantly over the last decade. This increase has affected all communities including the Muslim community

Muslim Advisor
Members of many Muslim organisations brought their concerns of this growing number of Muslim prisoners to the attention of Home Office Ministers who then set up the Muslim Advisors' post in 1999.

The Muslim Advisor in conjunction with staff from Directorate of Resettlement, & Human Resources as well as Governing Governors of Prison Service started the process to employ Muslim Chaplains.

Since the employment of Muslim Chaplains they have made significant improvement in the provisions and care of Muslim prisoners. They have also been meeting regularly, to share good practices and to discuss the challenges facing the community as a whole.

Who are its members?
All Muslim Chaplains working in the prison service are entitled to be members of this association and associated members are those who are working in custodial establishments and our Patrons Lord Nazir Ahmed and Former HMPS Director General Phil Wheatley.

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Lord Nazir Ahmed
of Rotherham
Phil Wheatley
Former HMPS
Director General
Tanvir Ahmed
MCA Chair